Had Your Disaster Yet? Well That’s OK Then, Isn’t It?

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We have all done it. At one point or another, we have all personally been a victim of losing data, a document, contact numbers, or even an entire desktop through ignorance to take backing up seriously. It can be a painful mistake to make, but try to imagine what the consequence would be if an entire business did not have a backup solution in place – the disruption is incomprehensible and costly.

For that reason, disaster recovery (DR) is an increasingly prevalent topic in IT today. When businesses speak about disaster recovery often it is insinuated that these solutions are in place ‘just in case’ of natural disaster or terrorist attack for example, but in actual fact, disaster recovery is about mitigating the detrimental impact of any unplanned incident – whether this be a cyber-attack, equipment failure, or even human error.

The reality is such that businesses have become reliant on their IT infrastructure, and seamless access to data, applications and desktop. So much so, it is unthinkable to operate without – for any length of time. Backup and DR solutions are in place to provide the utmost assurance to businesses that they can recover to ‘business as usual’ in an efficient way to minimise disruption to the wider business.

It therefore comes as no surprise that an increasing number of conversations we are having at the moment are centred on backup, archiving and DR. We predict that over the next 10 years this will become even more important as the amount of data businesses are creating and consuming will grow at an alarming rate. It’s anticipated that the number of files used by a single business will multiply by a factor of 75, whilst the amount of data that businesses consume will exceed 50 times what it is today.

As a result, a business’s footprint of intellectual property and data will form the lifeblood of business operations and access to these will be even more critical than it is today. Losing access to this will absolutely not be an option for many businesses.

An untested backup is not worth anything.
Bearing this in mind, even more surprising than no DR strategy at all is an untested DR strategy. Regularly we ask businesses how often they are able to conduct a full (and realistic) enactment of their business continuity plan. The overwhelming response is that the majority have not tested their DR solution due to resource, time and cost constraints and, consequently, have no idea whether the solution would meet expectations in the event of an actual outage.

However, the increasingly complex our IT solutions get – with an increasingly assortment of servers, data, applications and desktops – in many cases will result in a decreased ability to recover from an incident. Forrester research suggests that in 2007, 30% of businesses could recover from disruption in less than one hour, compared to only 2% in the increasingly complex and IT-centric environments we operate in today.

Transforming recovery objectives into actuals.
From the businesses we speak to, many appear to be hanging their hat on ‘recovery time objectives’ and ‘recovery point objectives’ however, why have an objective – that in most cases is never ratified – when you can have an actual? This is where Continuum is different…

Continuum – Cetus’ managed backup, archiving and DR service – provides recovery assurance in the shape of recovery time actuals. With a minimum of monthly testing, Continuum automates and tests DR procedures that allow flawless failover in the event of an incident – whilst giving you quantitative evidence of how long you would take to recover from an unplanned incident.

A single solution for the ultimate assurance.
Whilst many solutions on the market provide a level of protection for a business’s server infrastructure – consequently allowing them to recover back-end functionality – many fail to consider their users’ desktop environment and the importance of having up-to-date client software to connect to the back-end servers.

Continuum allows user desktops to protected in the same manner is the server infrastructure; enabling complete testing and restoration of this critical element. Based on simple regular subscriptions, our cloud-based solution gives you the confidence that your backup requirements are fulfilled from a secure location, backed by accurate SLAs, trusted technology, expertise and experience – providing you with scalable solution that will mitigate risk and uncertainty for your business.

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