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Back in the Desert…

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I’m currently looking out at a beautiful ocean, waves lapping in the golden sand desperately trying to disconnect and enjoy that valuable downtime and relaxation we all seek, I’m sure you  know what I mean! Picture it with me.!

I sit here, iPad in hand, writing away, yet this doesn’t phase me as it’s what we all do as driven individuals. Some may read a book, listen to music, I do too but this is modern relaxation, right?!

As I sit back reflect and muse, I look at my son, sitting next to me, earphones in, foot tapping away, ‘Linkin Park’ he says, iPad in hand and hopefully not racking up a large data roaming charge. He’s now 17 and I say to myself, where has the time gone?

Indeed, where has the time gone? The first generation iPhone hit our streets in 2007, the iPad only in 2010, now, both smart phones and tablets are widely adopted and simply part of our daily lives, in such a highly productive world, could we live without them?

Wow its hot today! I’m fully connected to the rest of the world from a beach with Wi-Fi (just say that back to yourself!) and our expectation is exactly that, connectivity. Our connected world has shaped and transformed us all.

My reflecting soon takes on the topical subject of Brexit, a deep conversation over to my right. My thoughts meander to Cetus and how Brexit is naturally influencing our thinking.  I go back to an analogy I used back in pre recessional times around 2008/9, which was derived from a strategy for growth and embracing change. “Let us stop worrying about trying to get out of the desert and start trying to live in the desert, as this is how it is …” referring to the recession of course. Initially some of my colleagues looked at me somewhat deranged and wondered what words I had just spoken!

IT Managers were expected to deliver more with less; reduced resource and restricted budgets were the norm, yet with an expectation to deliver at least the same or indeed a much improved service.

It was crucial for Cetus to embrace change and adapt to a weaker economy, in this case unplanned change thrust our way and beyond our control. We adopted the strategy and challenge for growth through the recession and holistically changed the way we worked with our customers, working to understand not just IT stuff but real business challenges.  We aligned ourselves as a surrogate partner and an extension of our customer’s teams, becoming more of a true business enabler.

What does Brexit mean to Cetus?  This answer would require more time than I’ve got on this sandy beach I’m sure, I could try and lose my passport I guess…  However, here we are once more, Cetus are ever analytical yet un-phased and more importantly embracing the changes en-route.  I do believe the word ‘uncertainty’ is heavily overused as a smoke screen to many.

“Working closer with customers to deliver enablement, increasing agility and productivity, allowing customers to focus on what they should be doing” A mantra Cetus have adopted from day #1.  In camp Cetus, no hill is too steep to climb. This, is certainty.

Like the impact of the smart phone, technology moves at a staggering pace. And it is all too easy to get giddy over the latest and greatest, but how does such technology impact and transform commerce? How can Cetus deliver value to customers to improve their service delivery when they have ever decreasing budgets and resources?

Cetus invest heavily into a continuous development programme of technical and awareness training, complimented by our extensive experience and deliver this to you, we love the challenge! Check out our latest inspiring workshops and case studies on our website to see why we love what we do.  Our new website will keep you abreast of inspirational and thought leadership subject matters, case references and use-cases together with our popular workshop series.

Finally, just reflect on your journey home, what will you be using technology for over the next decade as we approach the ten-year anniversary of the smartphone and the impact it has had on productivity in our lives. Will we finally get to use the area of our brains we have so much to learn about?!

More sunscreen…

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Mike.pngMike English – Managing Director
Since forming Cetus in 2001, Mike drives change and development to ensure Cetus empower and deliver real value to our customers, enabling successful business outcomes.


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