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Are You Digital Enough?

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My excellent colleagues and I recently had a bit of an email debate about our
‘Mobile Workspaces’ proposition. It went something along the lines of:

– Our strategic vendors have moved away from ‘virtual workspaces’ to a much more, erm, modern ‘Modern Workspaces’ or ‘Digital Workspaces’ paradigm; so maybe we should update ours?

Taking each suggestion in turn; my response went something like this:

Modern Workspaces? Well, that just sounds like a new kitchen to me (sorry Microsoft) – or maybe your place of work has one of those cool chairs with no back; you know, the ones where you sort of kneel in the chair and look massively uncomfortable?

Digital Workspaces? Well, ‘digital’ isn’t a particularly new term. In 1897, the Oxford English Dictionary defined digital as “of or pertaining to a finger, or to the fingers”. So it’s not as modern as, say, tweeting or blogging. In modern usage, digital does imply the use of a computer, but that could imply a workplace comprising a desk and a desktop PC – hardy the epitome of a 21st century IT environment.

Digital is also a bit over used in my opinion. Organisations are clamouring to undergo Digital Transformation in order to become a truly Digital Company; Digital Currencies are seeing massive adoption; even the UK Government has a Digital Marketplace – that’s right: the UK Government. What this all means is that organisations and the general population are clamouring to ‘use computers’ – very leading edge I must say.

So, back to my point. Digital doesn’t imply modernity. I honestly believe that ‘Mobile Workspaces’ captures the essence of one of our core propositions. Your working environment allows you to access desktops, applications and documents on any device from any location. This simple principle has allowed hundreds of our clients to free their employees from their desks and to, instead, work from anywhere. As a result they have addressed countless business needs, including: agile working, acquisitions & mergers, property rationalisation, Total Cost of Ownership and Business Continuity. Not bad I reckon.

If you’d like to better understand how, like many of our clients, we can help your organisation to accelerate your path to becoming a Digital Company (through a process of Digital Transformation) using Digital … sorry; ‘Mobile’ Workspaces then have
a chat with one of our experts today. Please note that, unfortunately, we don’t currently accept Digital Currencies – but I’m sure my excellent colleagues will convince me that we should do so very soon.

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