secure application and data delivery platforms

The term ‘secure application and data delivery platforms’ captures, in just six words, the real essence of what Cetus has been doing for over 16 years.  We address our clients’ specific organisation challenges, such as agile working, digital transformation and cloud transformation; by providing technology solutions in three particular areas: mobile workspaces, agile infrastructure and cyber security.  The reason for this is rather simple: you can’t fully address one area without considering the other two.

Please read on to hear more about our solution areas and our professional services offerings.

What we do

mobile workspaces allow organisations to break the old ‘one person = one desk’ rule.  By centralising desktop, application and document delivery; and then providing robust access control and management capabilities for mobile users; organisation can free their people to work from anywhere, on any device, over any network.

agile infrastructure solutions provide organisations with the ability to deploy their IT infrastructures across a range of platforms; allowing them to embrace the benefits of hyper scale cloud technologies, whilst adopting private and hybrid cloud models to meet specific organisational and cost goals.

cyber security solutions provide organisations with the latest generation of application and user aware security technologies.  Our solution set helps organisations to define a clear security perimeter; whilst protecting vulnerable mobile devices, managing internal traffic and protecting from privileged and power user access.

professional & managed services is where we bring together over 16 years’ experience in the planning, management, implementation and support of our core solution areas.  With an emphasis on partnership and knowledge transfer; our aim is work as one team with our clients for the duration of a project.