Accelerating Service Delivery with IT Automation


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Accelerating Service Delivery with IT Automation

Leverage the native integration of VMware vRealize Automation and VMware NSX.

The advent of the digital economy is driving fundamental changes in businesses and their operating models . In this new era, the success of a business increasingly revolves around an IT organization’s ability to rapidly deliver IT services to support the needs of the business . To do that, IT organizations are looking to automate IT processes to accelerate service delivery . While often overlooked among other IT priorities, automation is required to achieve speed and agility in delivering the IT services that keep a business competitive.

Compute virtualisation has helped IT transform data centers by abstracting and consolidating legacy infrastructure while drastically reducing a critical metric used by the business to justify the investment: cost per application . What used to take weeks or months to rack, stack, install, and provision is now accomplished within a few minutes— right-click, deploy from template. And just like that you’ve provisioned a new replica of your organization’s “gold master.”

This whitepaper, in partnership with VMware, will outline a path for your IT organisation to automate IT processes based on the native integration of VMware vRealise and NSX. It will explain how to build out network and security services to deliver a holistic, multi-tier application architecture that supports IT speed and agility with standardised, repeatable, consistent automated processes.

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