Best Practices for a Modern Approach to PC Management


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Best Practices for a Modern Approach to PC Management

It’s clear that today’s workplace is rapidly evolving. Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way people work, and it’s impacting every industry. Not so long ago, most employees worked at their desks from nine to five.Today, they are no longer confined to offices, and are increasingly off the corporate network. When they’re logging in remotely or at a customer’s site, they expect a simple, familiar experience on their PCs that’s similar to the way they work when they are on their consumer-style mobile devices.

Legacy, on-premises management methods that were based on locked down desktops tied to company networks and domains fall short for today’s modern professionals. These traditional approaches can create security risks and hamper employee productivity. Organisations need a better way to manage a diverse array of users and devices.

This eBook, commissioned by VMware, will detail the best practices to a modern management approach built around short and long-term goals.

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