Halton Housing

“Working with Cetus Solutions has brought considerable innovation into our organisation. We have been able to transform our infrastructure in less than a year and ensure our Digital First programme remains on schedule. We now have an extremely powerful and flexible IT infrastructure that will support our business into the next decade.”

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The opportunity.
Halton Housing Trust is a forward thinking not-for-profit housing association that owns and manages over 6,400 homes in the Halton borough of Runcorn and Widnes. Halton Housing Trust needed the right IT infrastructure in place to support a new service model. The existing IT environment, while virtualised for efficiency, had been architected to deliver a traditional back office IT operation.

The IT infrastructure had been optimised to deliver core line of business applications but the move to digital required the trust to have a more scalable and automated environment. In order to handle the demands of real-time processing and faster service provisioning, whilst providing the flexibility to scale as and when needed. Uptime was a massive consideration, with the majority of our business moving online, the infrastructure had to provide a new level of built-in redundancy and disaster recovery to ensure availability.

“Working with Cetus has brought considerable innovation into our organisation, we now have an extremely powerful and flexible IT infrastructure that supports our business.”

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The solution.
Halton Housing appointed Cetus Solutions to plan, design and implement a new infrastructure. They worked closely with the team, to architect a new private cloud environment that would provide a highly scalable and resilient automated platform for the trust’s digital operation and desktop application environment. A new converged private cloud infrastructure was deployed, the solution provided Halton Housing with a single, easy to manage platform that integrated the organisations server, networking and storage layers. The modular architecture of the solution enables the trust to support future expansion by offering flexible scale-up and scale-out capabilities.

“We had a three-month window to migrate 120 servers, incorporating a mix of applications and hardware, to the new converged environment. Cetus supported our migration and everything went smoothly because it was really well planned” the IT manager explained.

The result.
The new infrastructure is expected to reduce the amount of time the IT team spends managing the trust’s environment by almost 25%. It has also increased infrastructure capacity by 75% while reducing the trust’s datacentre footprint by 50%. Halton Housing’s digital service is currently being rolled-out to customers. The trust has developed a fully integrated customer app that will enable services such as rental payments, reporting of anti-social behaviour, finding a home and reporting a repair all to be done online.