Sunderland City Council

“We’ve transformed an entire community with leading-edge technology, driving innovation and streamlining communication.”

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The opportunity.
Sunderland City Council ultimately wanted to enhance public service delivery whilst reducing costs – and also encourage economic growth in the region. In order to do this, Sunderland City Council needed a dynamic and efficient infrastructure that could create a cutting edge, service-oriented IT environment within the council as well as support local businesses with scalable, on demand IT services. At the same time, the council needed to create an infrastructure that adhered to strict governmental IT security standards, retaining governance of information and intelligence.


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The solution.
Sunderland City Council has deployed a truly innovative city-wide cloud services platform that was designed, provisioned and implemented by Citrix® Gold Solution Advisor Cetus and systems integrator IBM. The project is particularly innovative as the council has created a cloud environment that not only supports its own IT requirements – creating a secure, more efficient, lower cost IT environment by introducing virtual desktops across the organisation – but will also offer IT-as-a-Service to local schools, businesses, social enterprises and health authorities. The council completed a pilot before rolling out a Citrix XenDesktop® environment made up of 4,200 seats – along with Citrix NetScaler® MPX to ensure optimum load balancing.



 The result.
Sarah Reed, Assistant Chief Executive at Sunderland City Council uncovers how they’ve transformed an entire community with leading-edge technology; driving innovation and easy communication.  Sunderland City Council worked with Cetus Solutions and Citrix to implement a mobility strategy that enabled the council to consolidate offices, streamline processes and increase productivity.