Preparing for a cloud-first future.

With many businesses now looking to a cloud first strategy, businesses face the challenge of determining which cloud is best for their business. Over the past five years cloud has reportedly experienced a twenty per cent year on year growth, with 90% of all UK businesses now using cloud services to some degree.

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Cloud technologies are now an everyday fact of life. Public, Personal and Private clouds are being used by many organisations; however many are unclear on how best they can leverage these to a commercial benefit. The cloud clearly presents a potential competitive advantage, which is causing many CEOs and CIO to push IT teams to deliver a Cloud Strategy, and the subsequent benefits it promises.

IT face the challenge of deciding which cloud is right for their business – public, private or hybrid cloud. Many IaaS providers are ultimately being forced to drop out of the market, as they are unable to achieve the economies of scale to be able to provide the same level of service at a competitive price point as AWS, for example. It is really important that your adoption of cloud technologies forms part of a thought-through strategy; reiterated by IDC who predict that 75% of IaaS provider offerings will be redesigned, re-branded or phased out in the next 12-24 months.

This is why Cetus are well positioned. With key relationships with major cloud service providers, we can create a solution that blends together technologies to create a fully resilient, robust, solution for your cloud-future.

hand&phoneOn-demand scale
Ability to burst and retract resources on-demand to deliver ultimate scalability.

keySecurity-first approach
Fully resilient cloud services that allow you to achieve the scale and speed you require without compromising security.

usersFlexible cost models
Ability to sweat assets whilst utilising a predictive cost model based on consumption.

Our Hybrid Cloud solutions overcome the challenges of cloud adoption.

Cetus has been at the forefront of getting customers “cloud-ready” and have organically evolved to empower customers to thrive using cloud services. We still design, build and support, however the difference with our hybrid cloud solutions is the additional level of flexibility and expertise we provide when helping you determine where you want your IT services to reside.

Hybrid Cloud 

“With our managed private cloud, we’ve been able to ensure our service has performed as expected from day one, we have also the compute resource we need on tap as we grow. We are very pleased with what we have been able to achieve and the Cetus Solutions team has been great to work with, enabling us to meet all of our key milestones.” NextGear Capital