Cloud Migration Essentials


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Cloud Migration Essentials

Many organizations are now looking to quickly take advantage of cloud migration by migrating their existing applications and workloads. But this requires careful planning and strategy. One of the keys to cloud success is determining the optimal platform and priorities for running business applications. Once considered optional, these applications are now central to infrastructure decisions and achieving company goals.
To enable successful migration, it’s important to have a strong plan in place that covers the end-cloud environment, training and, most important of all, the readiness of your workloads and applications. To do this, you need to determine how to successfully create the initial technical plans and business justification, ensure your workloads will run as expected, and perform the migration with limited impact to the business.
This ebook, commissioned by Microsoft Azure, will guide you through the preliminary steps to consider when looking at migration, various approaches for rehosting, refactoring and revising your workload for the cloud, as well as some of the tools you can use to accelerate your migration project.

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