Cyber Security with Intention


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Cyber Security with Intention

Whether you’re in public or private sector, small business or enterprise, if you’re in IT or an executive in your organization, it is your responsibility to ensure that sensitive data, account information, intellectual property, and your network operations are protected.
Every 81 seconds a known malware is downloaded. Think that’s frequent? It’s not, when you look at unknown malware: That’s downloaded every four seconds. Let’s face it. There’s a good chance we’re all at risk when even the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) can be breached—inadvertently leaking more than 21 million personnel records of government employees.
Remember: Ultimately, cyber protection is everyone’s responsibility. For employees, it’s up to them to handle sensitive data appropriately. For IT, it’s up to them to understand network and device vulnerabilities and put protections in place. For executive and board leadership, it’s up to them to oversee an organization’s ability to withstand risk. Those who look the other way—or don’t tune in—are essentially neglecting their duty. Head in sand is not an option.

This whitepaper shares new research commissioned by Check Point will walk you through the key areas to focus on and the actions to take to secure your organisation. 

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