IT doesn’t have to cause a headache.

With today’s evolving technology landscape, security technologies have become a critical factor in creating business advantages. As a result, IT has become increasingly challenged with the complexities of simplifying security, protecting intellectual property, ensuring data privacy and meeting compliance mandates. Security is a higher priority than ever – with 81% of CIO’s focussed on security for their 2016 annual spend. Where once, security was about protecting a network perimeter, the explosion of cloud computing, digital workspaces initiatives and data within the workplace is creating new challenges for IT security.

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The multiplication of devices, apps and locations has increased the security burden, meaning a new approach to security needs to be sought. It is therefore a primary objective of IT to know that corporate data is secure at all times. Not only to minimise risk to the business, but also to satisfy governance and compliance regulations.

In the last 3 years alone, there has been a 21% growth in the number of people working from home, 16% growth in the numbers of users that work whilst travelling, and an 8% growth in number of people working from public places. For many UK business, this creates the predicament of maintaining user experience, when working outside of the office or on corporate devices; whilst ensuring that security considerations are addressed. This often instigates a reaction to focus heavily on one, resulting in the other being detrimentally impacted; consequently adding unnecessary risk and complexity.

We can implement security solutions that not only ensure absolute data security, but also empower you with fully auditable and visible trails of where, how and who is accessing your intellectual property and data. Not only does this satisfy the demand to deliver access to what end users need to work productively; but it also maintains the optimum levels of security and compliance.

hand&phoneSecure your users
Deliver a consistent, seamless user experience whilst knowing every action is secure in a way almost invisible to users.


Protect your intellectual property and sensitive data at all times regardless of device being used.
cogsIncrease compliance
Satisfy governance and compliance regulations and requirements.

Our Security solutions overcome the challenges presented by an increasingly complex IT landscape.

Our security solutions predict, prevent, detect and respond to potential threats across physical, virtual and cloud delivered IT solutions. Taking into consideration the different components that users want to access including; desktops, data, applications, we are able to provide effective security solutions regardless of the devices accessing corporate information, and the accessing networks. Our solutions are built to work seamlessly whatever the operating systems – iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Chrome – and look at integral functions including enterprise mobility management, identify, and conditional access policies whilst also managing cloud access, VPN and network access control to optimise security at all times.

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