Expand Your VDI with a Digital Workspace Strategy


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Expand Your VDI with a Digital Workspace Strategy

As the digital economy continues to evolve, the demands of the workforce are changing, too. IT is under more pressure than ever to deliver a seamless, consumer-like experience anytime, anywhere. From desktops to applications to data access, today’s users need it all—on any device they happen to have at hand.

A digital workspace strategy enables IT to accelerate digital transformation by simplifying the delivery of and access to applications, while better protecting corporate resources and streamlining compliance activities. That’s why IT organizations across industries are working to implement a comprehensive solution that covers everything: physical and virtual desktops, applications, data, and devices.

Many IT organizations are familiar with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which allows IT administrators to virtually deliver desktops and apps to users. It streamlines management, is portable, and follows users from device to device. A digital workspace strategy expands on the principles of VDI to address even more use cases, allowing you to grow and adapt in a rapidly changing technical and business landscape.

This ebook, commissioned by VMware, explains in simple terms how to deploy virtual apps and desktops. Including an extensive case study, this guide will offer you quick solutions you need to start creating the digital workspace strategy that’s right for your organisation.

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