Global Cyber Attacks Trends Report


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Global Cyber Attacks Trends Report

With attacks reaching ever higher scales and increasing levels of innovation, there seems to be no stop to the cat and mouse game taking place between threat actors and security experts.
Threat actors look to stay ahead in this chase in order not to be caught, and so far they are succeeding. There is a lot that organizations still need to do to prevent from being attacked. Indeed, the trends we observed in the first half of 2017, and even 2016, continued through the second half of the year too, as well as some more new and surprising ones.
One of the top continuous trends is ransomware. This is still a leading attack vector, used for both global attacks such as the WannaCry cyber-attack, seen earlier in the year, and targeted attacks against specific organizations.

This whitepaper, The Check Point Cyber Attack Trends report, provides a comprehensive overview of the malware landscape in the top categories of ransomware, banking and mobile threats, based on threat intelligence data drawn from the ThreatCloud World Cyber Threat Map between January and December 2017. 

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