Migrations don’t have to cause a headache.

Windows 10 is set to be the most rapid OS migration in history, however many organisations that want to take advantage of the improved user experience and productivity consider the effort of upgrading and maintaining systems daunting. Traditional upgrade methods, such as waiting for PC swaps, is becoming increasingly impractical as Windows 10 moves towards a more rapid, unified approach for companies to change their OS.


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Windows 10 is unlike other migrations and has created its own milestone for IT – the first operating system migration that’s in the hands of the employees, not just IT. With an easy to install upgrade offered free for the first year, the latest Microsoft desktop platform is highly consumer-friendly to adopt – and that’s exactly what users are doing. Employees are upgrading themselves to Windows 10 and bringing those BYO devices into the workplace. In the first month of its release, Windows 10 set the record for a one-month increase in adoption of an operating system. In order remain relevant and current, IT are faced with the challenge of migrating to Windows 10, whilst at the same time making sure it’s done right.

In fact, when looking at migrations as a whole, a large proportion of IT resource is currently being absorbed in the workplace to manually upgrade OS on each distributed PC. This often creates a huge headache for IT, especially as the amount of applications that employees are using is constantly on the rise. During the process of a migration or upgrade; IT are forced to manually test each application to ensure compatibility with new OS. Adding to this burden is the need to update and patch individual distributed PCs.

We provide solutions that streamline the process of your future OS migrations with virtualised infrastructure, whilst simplifying BYOD, app compatibility and corporate desktop management. This centralised, secure access to apps and data not only simplifies your OS upgrades and migrations; but also reduces costs and simplifies maintenance in the process. The result is that IT can manage the apps independent of the OS and users have the instant, on-demand access they require. We can help make this the last OS migration you ever make, whilst dramatically simplifying current and future desktop OS upgrades.

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Consistent experience to users accessing their Window 10 apps or desktop from any device.

Corporate access remains secure while intellectual property and sensitive private information stays safe.

Rapid deployment to hundreds of employees in minutes; easily distribute updates to the entire workforce.

Our DigitalWorkspaces solutions overcome the challenges of OS migrations.

Our digital workspace solutions enable the vision of anywhere, anytime secure access to corporate data and applications by empowering end users with access to what they need, when they need it – heightening their level of mobility, increasing productivity, whilst also satisfying the ever-increasing security and management challenges this creates for IT.

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