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Many businesses are experiencing challenges when it comes to delivering IT services that meet the demands of their increasingly mobile workforce. With employees working from an increasing number of devices and locations, over a variety of different networks; IT teams are faced with the challenge of delivering centralised, secure remote access to desktops and applications, whilst maintaining the necessary level of control to satisfy security and compliance requirements. 

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A common challenge that businesses face is that of creating a consistent user experience across branch offices. Many businesses have a data-sync process whereby critical data is replicated between headquarters & branch office; but not only does this congest the network connection between offices, but it also fails to address the increasing issue of remote access. With 61% of employees now spending part of the week working remotely; there is a requirement to provide a consistent approach to working both inside and outside of the office; providing the same experience and level of access to applications and desktops as someone located in head office.

Branch offices also create the challenge of managing distributed deployments that increase solution complexity and create complicated backup and recovery processes. In addition, many businesses experience resource pressures as many branch offices have little to no IT staff – making it extremely difficult to resolve issues efficiently. 

We overcome the challenges presented by the requirement for mobility by centrally delivering desktops, applications and data. This allows us to simplify IT architectures and streamline the management required; whilst also enabling access an employee’s physical PC desktop remotely – enhancing business continuity and enforcing optimum levels of security.

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Our proven Business Case assessment methodology allows us to work with clients, at an early stage, to assess the potential cashable and soft benefits that could be realised by the adoption of a Mobility solution from Cetus.

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Allow IT to provide high performance apps and desktops to remote workers by enabling secure access from mobile devices – regardless of access device.

Protection with multi-factor authentication, granular policies, encrypted data delivery, integrated session recording and jail-broken device detection.

Centrally manage and deploy data, apps and desktops to hundreds of employees in minutes; and easily distribute updates to the entire workforce.


Our Digital Workspaces solutions overcome the challenges of mobility.

Our digital workspace solutions enable the vision of anywhere, anytime secure access to corporate data and applications by empowering end users with access to what they need, when they need it – heightening their level of mobility, increasing productivity, whilst also satisfying the ever-increasing security and management challenges this creates for IT.

Digital Workspaces Solutions