Next-Gen Virtualisation for Dummies


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Next-Gen Virtualisation for Dummies

A modern data centre is a necessity to stay competitive in the new digital economy. The ability to be scalable, available and secure should be your priorities when setting up your data centre, enabling your organisation to move forward in the digitally-driven world.

This can’t happen overnight, and the IT infrastructure of yesterday is no good. Your modern data centre needs to be fully virtualised, software defined and highly automated, boasting a consistent infrastructure and application delivery across the ever-popular hybrid cloud environment.

In the age of digital economy, this data centre is no longer a nice-to-have;
it’s a must-have.

This ebook, commissioned by VMware, guides you through the virtualised data centre, providing tips, insights and advice for building an agile infrastructure platform that will drive your digital transformation forward. It also offers best practices for a modern virtualisation platform and hybrid cloud world. 

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