Optimising Database Storage Performance for Dummies

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Optimise Database Storage Performance for Dummies 

Improving database performance is top of mind for many IT professionals. Their production databases in many ways are the lifeblood of the organisation,
supporting the transactions, applications, operations, business intelligence, and analytics that make the business work.

As the volume and quality of business data grows exponentially, so too does its value to the organisation. In many industries, insightful data — and how the business uses the data — has become a key competitive differentiator. Production databases are also under more pressure than ever before — they must process many more transactions at unprecedented speeds, while data is growing exponentially and IT  budgets are not.

One of the most important and effective ways to address database performance and cost challenges is to not simply focus on upgrading or optimising the database software, but to also modernise the underlying hardware infrastructure. This is where innovations such as flash storage, converged infrastructure architectures and sophisticated data management platforms can have a major impact.
This eBook, commissioned by NetApp, will examine the market trends that are driving the ever demanding business requirement for better database performance, technical factors that affect database performance tuning, different SQL Server and Oracle Database design considerations, how database storage technologies and innovations can help drive business value, and key performance optimisation capabilities to look for in a storage solution.

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