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Work is no longer a place, it’s something we do wherever, whenever and however to meet business objectives. Powered by technology, the workplace is fast evolving into an always-on, continuous flow of applications and data, accessible to end users from an abundance of devices, regardless of their location.

As a result, the demand for true mobility in the workplace – where users are able to seamlessly transition between multiple workspaces irrespective of the device they are using – has increased, and with this comes an increasing expectation that their connected workspace will always be available and accessible over any network.

Our digital workspace solutions enable the vision of anywhere, anytime secure access to corporate data and applications by empowering end users with access to what they need, when they need it – heightening their level of mobility, increasing productivity, whilst also satisfying the ever-increasing security and management challenges this creates for IT.

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Secure access to all corporate data & applications.
Evolving employee and business demands are reshaping the workplace as we know it.  Where once a workspace was quite simply a desktop accessed through a PC or laptop, workspaces have evolved to incorporate critical components including data and applications. The number of applications being accessed is increasing at a rapid pace, and the volume of business data being generated is doubling every single year.

With nearly three-quarters of UK workforces now spending part of their week working outside of their traditional work or office environment, it is a crucial requirement for IT to be able to seamlessly and securely deliver virtual applications and data to employees – regardless of the device, location or network they are accessing from. Securely empowering employees with seamless access to each of the components of their workspaces is key to optimising productivity and increasing a business’ agility.

Seamlessly transition between any workspace.
Consumerisation has accelerated the expectations of how people want to work and the devices that they want and expect to use. From a time where they were simply end users of IT, to a time where they are consumers who leverage technology in order to work in a way most effective to meet business objectives. High-performance and powerful devices, and improving connectivity have fuelled our expectation for a workspace that is ‘always on’ and our dependency on achieving a full desktop experience anywhere.

As a result, BYOD, CYOD, COPE initiatives have flooded the workplace – with an anticipation that by the end of the year there will be 30 billion devices connected to the internet. Indeed in many cases, it has become the norm for employees to use 3+ devices per day to access corporate resources. The percentage of personal devices in the workplace is growing dramatically – with reportedly 40% of companies having stopped providing corporate devices – heightening the need to facilitate the seamless transition between devices and subsequent workspaces.

Simplify complexity for security.
This proliferation of devices has in some cases opened businesses up to security concerns relating to storing sensitive business data, which in turn increases a business’ vulnerability. The security and management demands presented by new levels of mobility expectations can be challenging. Particularly in relation to the protection of intellectual property and sensitive information, which is paramount in any digital workspace solution.

Cetus believe that delivering a balance between usability and security is a primary success factor in any workspace initiative. Our workspace solutions ensure IT achieve the highest level of security, whilst delivering secure remote access to sensitive business applications and data from any device to fuel productive working. Empowering people to get their work done in an always-on, fully secure environment that follows them everywhere on any device – whether it be an office, at home, or transitioning between without compromising security.

Key Benefits.

secureEmpower digital workforce.
Enable your workforce with a heightened level of mobility by delivering anywhere, anytime access to corporate data and applications.

increaseSeamless user experience.
Deliver a consistent, seamless user experience as employees transition between multiple workspaces on an array of devices – whether they are corporately deployed or personally owned.

optimiseOptimise productivity.
Deliver on-demand access to everything, your workforce are able to meet business objectives whether in the office, working from home, or on-the-go.

reduceReduce cost and complexity.
Enable IT to reduce costs in multiple areas of your workspace initiatives including devices, OS migration, and upgrades.

seamlessIncrease agility.

Increase your speed to deliver and manage a connected workspace to any user, any device, anywhere, over any network.

keySecure corporate data.
Reassurance your intellectual property and sensitive data is protected – allowing you to deliver the services your workforce need, without compromising security.

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