Security is a higher priority than ever – with 81% of CIO’s focussed on security for their 2016 annual spend. Where once, security was about protecting a network perimeter, the explosion of cloud computing, digital workspaces initiatives and data within the workplace is creating new challenges for IT security. We now operate in a borderless world – where devices accessing corporate networks and data are a mixture of personally owned and corporately deployed, and we access IT systems over an array of different networks, including public.

This creates the challenge of control. Security is of paramount importance, however, so is providing access to all aspects of IT that end users need to work productively. In a world where attacks are becoming more sophisticated and regulations are ever-changing, how can businesses secure end points and maintain compliance without detrimental impact on user experience?

Our security solutions predict, prevent, detect and respond to threats across physical, virtual and cloud delivered IT solutions. In a landscape where users need instant access to desktops, data and applications, we provide solutions to give you full confidence that every component of your IT solution is robust and protected at all times. Our solutions are built to work seamlessly whatever the operating systems – iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Chrome – and look at integral functions including enterprise mobility management, identify, and conditional access policies whilst also managing cloud access, VPN and network access control to optimise security at all times.

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Know where your data is.
Whilst IT may continue to control the corporate network perimeter and manage many business applications – the perimeter of where we work and how it is done is evolving and expanding. Devices are now both corporate and personally owned, many users select cloud-based applications, employees no longer do all their work within the office, and traditional office hours are a thing of the past. Additionally, the multiplication of devices, apps and locations has increased the security burden, meaning a new approach to security needs to be sought. It is therefore a primary objective of IT to know that corporate data is secure at all times. Not only to minimise risk to the business, but also to satisfy governance and compliance regulations. We can implement security solutions that not only ensure absolute data security, but also empower you with fully auditable and visible trails of where, how and who is accessing your intellectual property and data. Not only does this satisfy the demand to deliver access to what end users need to work productively, but it also maintains the optimum levels of security and compliance.


Policy based ingress & egress.
In the last 3 years alone, there has been a 21% growth in the number of people working from home, 16% growth in the numbers of users that work whilst travelling, and 8% growth in number of people working from public places. For many UK businesses, this creates the predicament of maintaining user experience when working outside of the office or on corporate devices versus security. This often instigates a reaction to focus heavily on one, resulting in the other being detrimentally impacted and consequently adding unnecessary risk and complexity. However, security or user experience is not a compromise that any business should, or needs to, make. We implement security solutions that control how information moves around your environment, with granular policies to control who is accessing and from where – creating an intelligent border to stop your data being accessed somewhere, or by someone, who does not have the relevant level of authority.


Predict, prevent, detect and respond in a borderless world.
We may operate in a borderless world. But also security should almost be invisible and seamless to a user – reiterating the importance of comprehensively securing and managing IT environments with a focus on users-first, secure access and ease of use being paramount to business. We encourage you to think holistically about your IT environment and security needs to avoid silos at all costs. We will help you to say “yes” to employees as opposed to locking down environments as this promotes positive user behaviour – with a strong correlation between IT flexibility and worker productivity. We deploy digital workspace technologies to reinvent the way employees work, whilst putting security at the centre of your enablement strategy. With long-standing relationships with key technology vendors – backed by technical expertise and accreditation – we will deliver the security you require, seamlessly. After all, a business is only as secure as your weakest link, we will ensure that every component of your IT solution is robust.


Key Benefits.

secureSatisfy your ever-increasing security demands.
Confidence that every component of your IT solution is robust and protected at all times.

increaseSecure users whilst maintaining a seamless user experience.
Deliver a consistent, seamless user experience as employees transition between multiple workspaces on an array of devices – whilst knowing every action is secure in a way almost invisible to users.

optimiseOptimise productivity.
With a strong correlation between IT flexibility and worker productivity we will help you to say “yes” to employees securely as opposed to locking down environments.

reduceReduce risk.
By implementing market leading security solutions we will reduce the risk to your business and its critical assets.

seamlessIncrease compliance.

Satisfy governance and compliance regulations and requirements.

keySecure corporate data.
Your intellectual property and sensitive data is always protected – allowing you to deliver the IT services your workforce need, without compromising security.

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