Reducing GHG emissions through efficient working and modern workplaces

Tuesday 25th February – Imperial War Museum 
9.00am – 12.00pm

Thursday 27th February – Churchill War Rooms 
9.00am – 12.00pm

– Accelerate meeting the “Net-Zero” target by actively measuring and reducing GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions 
– Minimise the environmental impact of increasing digital technology use 
– Promote a sustainable culture and encourage new ways of working 
– Help to reduce the 31 billion commuting and work miles travelled annually on the UK’s roads

Speakers confirmed: 
Justin Sutton Parker – Director, Northern Europe, Citrix 
Ewen Anderson – Co-founder & CIO, PX3 

Reports suggest 8 million data centres are active today, and we’ll see billions of devices connected in the very near future. When also factoring in the millions of people who travel to and from their workplaces every day, in the tech industry and beyond, it’s fair to say the growth of digital technology is having an unprecedented impact on the environment1.

Human activity has already caused 1.0C of global warming and the impacts are increasing year on year. In response the UK Government has set a target of Net  Zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 and put in place mandatory reporting on emissions values & progress for all “quoted” companies, large employers and public sector organisations2.

Workplace activities make a significant contribution (ICT is responsible for 12% of electricity use / business travel and commuting for 31 billion car miles annually in the UK), so this is an important area for organisations to address2.

To help organisations to achieve sustainability and reduce the overall carbon footprint, we will be hosting events so organisations can meet the targets of Net Zero Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2050. This can be done through adopting a culture where employees can work anywhere and at any anytime, reducing the strain on the environment and also removing the onus of lengthy commutes each day1.

In the sessions we will be discussing the compelling reasons for change and proposing practical solutions, including how to use benchmarks and analytics to build the case for strategic change.

Key takeaways: 
– Discover how to reduce your Carbon footprint and Greenhouse Gas emissions
– Learn how organisations can adopt sustainable ways of working
– Hear how to enhance productivity and the employee experience through remote working

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1. Sutton-parker, J.S.P. 2019. Three ways to build a more sustainable IT model. Available from: