Secure Digital Workspace for Dummies


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Secure Digital Workspaces for Dummies

Technology is changing traditional work styles and the way businesses across industries manage systems. Meeting the computing needs of a single employee today is equivalent to meeting the needs of many.
A majority of employees require access across a range of devices — desktop PCs, terminals, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and more. In some places, workers need web‐ or cloud‐based applications; in others, they also must have corporate application and email access. Then there are the networks. Should you provide full or partial access?
Employees want a seamless experience across personal devices, as well as corporate‐owned devices, without IT configuration hassles. They also want to be confident that a secure divide exists between their personal and work data — in other words, Big Brother isn’t watching! The same with applications — from legacy to native mobile and cloud to virtual. Workers don’t care how these applications get delivered, but they do care that every application they need is available when they need it.
How can your business support new identity‐defined workspaces across a variety of users — retail store associates checking inventory on a PC and a smartphone, hospital clinicians entering test results into a mobile workstation and an iPad, or financial advisors placing trades from Android devices and laptops?
The answer is the digital workspace.
This whitepaper, commissioned by VMware, provides a starting point for line‐of‐business leaders, technology decision makers, and IT administrators looking for best practices and tips about how to securely enable mobile employees with the digital workspace.

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