Security Posture Review

The security threat posed to UK organisations is not only real, but it’s multifaceted. With organisations rapidly adopting public and private cloud, publishing SaaS applications to end users, and enabling a multiplying number of devices with access to corporate data and networks; an influx of new challenges and considerations arise in relation to IT security.

Whilst organisations are thriving from the benefits that mobile workspaces enable, with work no longer confined to an office environment; traditional security practices have become profoundly outdated and no longer able to keep up with the constantly evolving threat landscape and sophistication of attacks – resulting in increased risk and exposure of being breached.

Our complimentary security posture review analyses where your organisation is exposed to security threats and provides recommendations about how to address these risks. The outcome of the review will be presented in a report that will;

  • Analyse network traffic to detect a variety of security threats including: malware infections, usage of high risk web applications, intrusion attempts, loss of sensitive data, and more.
  • Evaluate end-point security with focus on mobile device management, advanced end-point protection, mobile security, patch management, user rights management, and enterprise file sync and share.
  • Assess any threats posed within your infrastructure such as east west traffic, privileged user access and user access rights.
  • Review business continuity and disaster recovery processes to evaluate how an incident would impact your organisation if other security precautions fail.

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