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Cetus leads the way with customer success

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Cetus becomes the first partner in the UK to achieve the Citrix Customer Success and Adoption Preferred Partner badge 

As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience, we are delighted to announce we have been awarded the Citrix Customer Success and Adoption Preferred Partner badge. We are one of only three partners in the UK engaged by Citrix to complete the certification, and we are currently the only partner to have done so.  

The badge demonstrates our commitment to helping organisations to achieve benefits realisation from their investment in Citrix through successful user adoption across their entire workforce.  

Achieving the Citrix Customer Success and Adoption Preferred Partner status acknowledges our expertise in providing secure digital workspaces and our dedication to customer success. To qualify as a Citrix Customer Success and Adoption Preferred Partner, our experts completed a 13-week onboarding programme and Instructor Led Training from the Citrix Customer Success Management team.  

The attainment of the badge complements our Citrix Platinum partner status and in addition to our Microsoft alliance, positions us a perfect partner to deliver the right business case, assessments, implementation, adoption and support for your business.  

As workspace specialists with two decades of experience in helping public and private to achieve their business objectives through technology, we have helped leading organisations overcome their technology challenges in the most testing of times so be sure to join us to hear how your organisation can successfully embrace the cloud.  

Did you know? 

We are the only Citrix Platinum partner in the UK with all four specialisms!   

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The need for remote working in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Following the coronavirus outbreak millions globally have been forced to work from home. As the outbreak continues to spread globally, remote working could prove to be a vital step in safeguarding public health.

COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect the respiratory system. It’s caused by a virus called coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has now declared a global health emergency and many countries are grappling with a rise in confirmed cases. COVID-19 can spread from one person to another, most likely through droplets or mucus carried in the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. These viral particles can be carried in the air for up to six feet and can be transferred through contact with infected individuals.

As the death toll rises globally and coronavirus continues to spread around the world, more and more companies are urging their employees to work from home to avoid spreading the virus.

Research carried out by Global Workplace Analytics indicates that flexible working has grown by 91% in the past ten years. Organisations are under increased pressure to support remote workers as flexible working is fast becoming a norm across many industries.

Recent studies suggest that remote working can increase employee productivity. Employees that work from home also experience reduced stress levels which in turn decreases staff turnover. Remote working can also have a positive impact on the bottom line as employers can make cost savings due to a reduction in staff absences, energy consumption and rental overheads.

As workspace specialists, we can build digital workspaces that allow organisations to provide their users with access to their applications and data from one single interface, no matter where they are in the world, from any device.

Productivity suffers from complexity: this reduction in apps, logins, notifications and data in various locations allows your people to be more productive and focus on driving positive business outcomes.

Workspace solutions also reduce complexity for IT teams by streamlining operations thanks to unified workspace management. IT silos can be reduced as desktop, mobility, networking, collaboration and security teams can work collaboratively using one common platform.

Despite the many benefits of remote working, this behavioural change brings about concerns surrounding security. All our workspace solutions are secure by design and provide IT with the visibility and control they need to respond to modern ways of working. Our workspace solutions allow you to protect data and IP by basing security controls on user context regardless of app, data, device or network.

Cetus have longstanding partnerships with leading technology providers, to support with the challenges arising due to the coronavirus outbreak, some of our technology partners are offering exclusive short-term licences to enable organisations to provide remote working.

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Credit: Tamsin Scott – Head of Marketing, Cetus Solutions