Think You Need a BYO Strategy? Think Again


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Think You Need a BYO Strategy? Think Again.

Bring Your Own Device (BYO) strategies have been common in IT organisations for many years. But the explosion of connected devices and applications has dissolved the neat boundaries between “business use” and “personal use.”What was formerly clear-cut simply isn’t anymore. Device ownership varies—companies issue devices, employees bring their own—and today’s workers want more agility and fewer restrictions. Whether they’re at home, out in the field, or behind a desk, employees and contractors must be able to reliably and securely access applications and information on any device they have at hand—and that’s something a BYO strategy doesn’t always address.

What IT organisations need is a digital workspace strategy to help manage users, devices, applications, and more, all on the same management platform, regardless of device ownership.

This ebook, commissioned by VMware, will quickly show you how to change to a digital workspace strategy in five easy steps. 

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