Keep up with changing business demands.

The IT industry has become so driven by hype and buzzwords that IT teams can become overwhelmed due to the level of choice. There is a constant challenge of IT being expected to deliver more, faster, whilst also reducing costs. As a result, IT are seeking new ways to rapidly deliver business applications and IT services, while driving down overall TCO to achieve a faster time to ultimate business value. 

Virtualisation falls into this category and is very much the word of the moment; however it often creates challenges for IT when looking to achieve virtualisation across the disparate components of their infrastructures including; server, desktop, application, storage, network and user virtualisation. 

hybrid cloud x 3 charms

The principles behind virtualisation such as abstraction, pooling, and automation have underpinned successive waves of technology advances including: server consolidation, VDI and Cloud computing. Likewise, virtualisation is now driving the latest waves such as Hyperconvergence, SDDC and mobility.

In today’s fast-paced environment, businesses need to respond instantly to changing demands or face the risk of being left behind. IT are faced with the challenge of finding increasingly flexible and adaptive infrastructure solutions that will withstand ever-changing demands in a way that traditional infrastructures – often rooted in a 3-5 year refresh cycle – won’t. Reluctance to take action will delay organisations from realising the financial and competitive benefits that these technologies can bring – making this a priority for IT to get right.

cogsScale on-demand

Hyper-convergence enables your infrastructure to scale on demand – whatever requirement your business presents.

cloud2Increase agility
Withstand your changing demands in a way traditional infrastructure (on a 3-5 year refresh cycle) won’t.

cloudCloud-ready infrastructure
Our agile infrastructure solutions are cloud-ready and cloud-aware, meaning you can leverage the cloud when you choose to.

Our Agile Infrastructure solutions overcome the challenges of virtualisation.

Our agile infrastructure solutions are built on the pretence of making IT infrastructure invisible – giving you the ultimate flexibility and scale to respond rapidly to your changing business needs and demands. With the intention of lowering risk to your business and lowering your total cost of ownership – allowing your IT team to focus on important business initiatives and driving innovation throughout the business, knowing that their infrastructure solution is ready for anything.

Agile Infrastructure

“Working with Cetus Solutions has brought considerable innovation into our organisation. We have been able to transform our infrastructure in less than a year and ensure our Digital First programme remains on schedule. We now have an extremely powerful and flexible IT infrastructure that will support our business into the next decade.”
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