How are intelligent workspaces enabling business transformation, productivity and security?

Learn how to architect, implement and manage the digital workspace of the future

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Tuesday 15th October – The County Hotel
Wednesday 16th October – Malmaison Piccadilly
Thursday 17th October – Citrix EBC

Events will run from 9am-1pm.

.– Lessons from the field, successfully running a secure workspace in MS Azure (case study)
– Better together – M365, Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), Citrix workspace

In an ever accelerating technology landscape, many organisations struggle to keep up with the pace of change.  Our most important assets, our employees, are even more disengaged than ever before. An independent study reveals that globally only 33% of employees are engaged.  Why? What is this cost to organisations? How can organisations stay ahead of the curve, maintain relevance and increase productivity in this ever changing world? The modern workspace delivers empowerment and enablement.

All employees want to be engaged, want to work for an organisation with great culture, a great working environment and simply want to be satisfied they have contributed.  So how do we maintain and attract expensive skills and talent, motivating them to be highly productive?  If you are not planning and considering a Digital Workspace environment, can you really afford upto 67% of your staff disengaged?

To stay relevant, organisations need to build a foundation to digitally transform the workplace.

Come and learn about the market leaders, their offerings and real-world examples of how they can transform business, enabling a secure, highly productive working environment.

Key Takeaways:
– Live demo – WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop) with/without Citrix
– Hear Citrix’s strategy for the ‘Future Of Work’
– Securely deliver SaaS applications to the modern workplace
– Delivering a secure & performant O365 environment
– How ‘The sum of the parts’ is greater than the whole with 0365, WVD and Citrix
– Build a solid business case to enable a digital workspace

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